Is the service completely free of charge?

Yes, our service is 100% free of charge.
Unlike many others we do not charge for signage or deduct costs from your commission payment. We do however reserve the right to charge a one-off £20 'no usage fee' if you fail to use the service.

Do you pursue unpaid parking tickets?

Yes, we will rigorously pursue all outstanding parking tickets. Unlike other companies who charge for their service, our interest is wholly in getting the parking ticket paid. Self Ticketing UK is a free service, we incur costs setting up each account and therefore we must recover all unpaid PCNs to ensure each account is financially viable.

Is the system legally enforceable?

Yes, and we often take people to court who refuse to pay and the courts enforce the charge. Self Ticketing UK has an excellent track record for enforcing unpaid parking charges via the courts. We also ask you take photographs of the vehicles – these can be used later in court to show the vehicle was parked in the said location and the car park terms and conditions clearly visible.

Is this service suitable for small and large parking areas?

Yes. Any parking area is suitable as long as you own the freehold over the property. If you have 1 or 10,000 spaces, you can use our service.

Is the service suitable for private individuals as well as businesses?

Yes. Our service is available to both Private Individuals and businesses as long as the individual or company owns/leases the entirety of the land they will be monitoring.

Is this service only available in certain regions?

No, our service is nationwide and available in all areas of the UK and Northern Ireland.

How is my compensation paid?

We will send you a Cheque every 3 months!
We like to keep it simple, for every paid ticket you will receive a £10 compensation payment.

Can I cancel a parking charge notice issued in error?

Yes, if you notify us within 28 days the cancellation is free of charge. After this period a fee of £2.50 will apply, however we do not ask you to pay this, instead we simply deduct it from your next commission payment.

Does your service reduce nuisance parking?

Drastically. Our system has proven to be highly effective at significantly reducing or eradicating nuisance parking.

Is wheel clamping more effective?

Wheel clamping has been illegal since October 2012 and therefore we offer an alternative that is as, if not more effective than wheel clamping.

How do you find out details of the driver?

We request details electronically from the DVLA. This means we can confirm driver address details within 48 hours of request.

How long does it take to receive my DIY car park signs?

Please allow 5 working days for delivery.

What size are the DIY Car Park Signs and what are they made of?

Signs are 600mm x 450mm and made of a rigid Plastic Correx

How do I put up the DIY car park signs?

Our signs can be fitted using standard adhesive such as 'no more nails' from any DIY store, or using screws with a washer, or using nails. You can also use cable ties. You will get a set-up and support guide, instructions, with your signs, or you can download and view the installation guide by clicking here.

What photographs shall I take?

We recommend capturing the vehicle and car park sign in one photograph, this usually proves that the vehicle was close to a sign. Also it is important to capture the vehicle registration. To see examples please click here.

Does my name appear on any documents or signs?

No, we handle all communications with an offender from the moment the service is set up. In line with the industry regulations the only information we give the offender is the site address where the offence took place.

Who deals with disputes and appeals from offenders?

Our appeals department will deal with all enquiries and representations about parking charge notices. We will only cancel a ticket on your instructions. We may contact you from time to time for specific disputes that have arisen from a motorist's appeal.